Repipe & Reroute Plumbing Service San Diego

Plumbing-related issues in your home or business disrupt daily life and result in increased stress levels. They can also cause serious damage to your property. If you have frequent problems with your plumbing, re-routing and re-piping can restore the health of your plumbing system—and your peace of mind. Water Repair Pro Services


Three ways to fix leak repair

Pipe leaks are not uncommon. They  can happen in older homes and newer homes. And no matter how small the leak, if not addressed, it can cause serious damage to the property and even health problems for the home’s occupants. When you call a plumber to address a leak, they’ll typically use one of three methods to fix it. These include:  

1. Pipe leak repair.

A leaky pipe can be repaired by opening the slab at the leak's location. The method used to repair the pipe will depend on the type of leak and the condition of the pipes. The leak may be sealed and strengthened by patching, using a lining, or replacing a section.

2. Epoxy pipe coating.

The repair of leaky pipes can be accomplished using epoxy coatings and epoxy pipe linings. Epoxy pipe coating and lining is a minimally invasive, affordable and time-efficient solution for pipe repair. It stops corrosion and extends the longevity of your pipes. Epoxy repair can last 30 to 50 years. 

3. Repipe or reroute.

Repiping involves removing old pipes and replacing them with new ones.  During rerouting, a new plumbing line is run to bypass the faulty, leaky pipe.  This is usually the best option for older plumbing systems that leak frequently. Rerouting can also be used to reconfigure the plumbing lines. 

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What is rerouting plumbing service?

Repiping involves replacing older, faulty pipes with newer, more durable, and longer-lasting, pipes.  When an older home or office building has repeated plumbing issues, repiping is often the best solution. In some situations, repiping the whole system is a great investment that can preserve your home, your health, and your peace of mind. But this is not always necessary. 

Rerouting plumbing service involves repositioning the pipes into a new area. This is done by disconnecting a line and rerouting the water through new pipes. Rerouting is also often used to bypass faulty pipes and repair leaks without replacing  the whole system.  Rerouting can also be done to make new pipes more accessible, or to reconfigure the plumbing system for a home redesign.  

Repiping and rerouting can eliminate leaks, secure your plumbing system, improve water pressure, and increase your home’s resale value. 

How much does it cost to reroute plumbing?

The cost of rerouting varies, depending on how extensive the job. If you have an isolated plumbing issue, rerouting is a cost-saving solution that can provide you with long-term results without tearing up your home and disrupting your life.  

By disconnecting the faulty pipes and rerouting the plumbing through new ones, you can eliminate the need to demolish a part of your flooring to address a slab-leak. A Rerouting can range between $300 and $3000, depending on the complexity of the job. 

When it comes to keeping your repiping and rerouting costs to a minimum, the expertise of your plumber will make all the difference.  If you want it done right the first time, contact Tomson Plumbing. We provide efficient, honest, dependable service with no hidden fees.