Water Heater Repair & Installation San Diego

Hot water is essential to living a clean, healthy, and comfortable life. If your gas hot water heater is functioning poorly, it can be disruptive to everyday life or even cause you to lose money in your business.

At Tomson Plumbing, our professional water heater repair and installation experts are here to help get your hot water flowing again so you can take it easy and enjoy the comforts of your home or keep the momentum going in your business.

Signs you needwater heater replacement

If you have a gas hot water heater, you probably don’t think much about it unless something goes wrong. At that point, the question becomes whether to repair or
replace it. At Tomson Plumbing, we can help you decide on the best course of action, but in general, the following five signs suggest you’ll need a water heater

  • Age is 10+ years old
  • Loud banging noises
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Small puddles or leaks beneath the tank
  • Rusty or colored water
  • New smell or taste to your water

Replacing an old water heater for a newer model will not only help eliminate the annoyance of inconsistent water temperatures, but it can even increase the energy efficiency of your home or business. And we can help. The licensed and professional plumbers at Tomson plumbing provide expert water heater installation and water heater replacement services in San Diego.

Why should I call a plumber to repair/install my water heater?

Do-it-yourself projects may be fun and they might even save you money, but repairing or installing a water heater is a job that should be left to licensed water heater repair and installation professionals. Beyond turning off the water heater’s power supply if you suspect a leak, for example, it’s best to call Tomson Plumbing for your water heater repair or installation. Here’s why:

  • Gas and electricity - It takes gas or electricity to run a water heater. Both can be extremely dangerous and should not be messed with unless you have a professional license to do so.
  • Carbon monoxide - Water heater installation professionals are properly trained and equipped to detect and fix carbon monoxide leaks, which are common with gas water heaters.
  • Codes and permits - In the State of California, installing or replacing a water heater requires permits, and it’s important to adhere to all codes as well. Professional water heater installation experts are aware of the codes and
    permits required.
  • Water heater service life - In order to maximize the service life of your water heater, it has to be repaired or installed correctly. Any mistake in the
    repair or installation process, large or small, can void the warranty and cost you more money than you thought you would save by doing the job yourself.
  • Saves time - In the time that it takes you to gather the tools, the information, and the manpower you need just to get started, Tomson Plumbing could
    already have the warm water flowing in your home or business again. We come quickly and we work efficiently because we know how much you rely
    on hot water to live a clean and comfortable life.

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