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The water pressure in your pipelines has a dramatic impact on the life of your plumbing. If the pressure is too high, it increases the likelihood of corrosion, joint leaks, cracks, and fractures in your pipes. The water pressure in most cities’ mainwater networks comes out too high for most homes, and it’s also prone to fluctuations. This is why it’s important to have a water pressure regulator (or pressure reduction valve - PRV) installed. A PRV is a plumbing valve that reduces the water pressure coming into your home and evens out the ebbs and flows. But, like any other part of the home, the PRV can wear out and fail, leading to plumbing problems, damage to your pipes, and costly water bills.

The sooner you call Tomson Plumbing San Diego to replace your failing water pressure regulator, the better chance you have of preventing expensive plumbing problems down the road.


Signs it’s time to replace your water pressure regulator

Most water pressure regulators are designed to last 5 years or so, depending on the water usage in your home. But it’s important to know the signs of a worn out PRV so you can replace it before excessive water pressure causes any damage to your appliances or plumbing system. These three signs suggest it’s time to replace your water pressure regulator.

  • Problems with water pressure - If you have low water pressure or no water pressure at all, it could point to a problem with your PRV that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Leaks - If water is leaking from the handles of your faucets, it may be the result of excess water pressure causing the gaskets and other parts of your faucet to crack under the stress.
  • Water pressure regulator noise - If you hear loud thumping or banging after you turn off the water, it’s likely the result of built-up pressure causing stress on the pipes.Replacing your water pressure regulator will restore peace to your home and to your mind. Our licensed professional San Diego plumbers are here for you every step of the way.

Water pressure regulator replacement cost

The cost to replace a water pressure regulator varies widely, depending on whetheryou’re replacing a standard PRV or a combined reduction valve and backflow preventer; whether it’s for a residential or commercial property; and whether it’s during regular business hours or on a weekend or holiday. For a standard pressure reduction valve replacement, the plumber cost typically averages between $250 and $450.

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Why choose us to install your water pressure regulator

An ideal water pressure is the sign of a perfectly functioning plumbing system. If your water pressure is fluctuating, or if it’s consistently too high or too low, it’s
important to work with a reputable plumbing company with the knowhow and the equipment needed to properly install or replace your water pressure regulator.
There are a number of reasons to choose Tomson Plumbing as your PRV installation experts:

  • We’re professional licensed plumbers;
  • We have 15 years of experience, and we know what we’re doing;
  • We provide exceptional service and a commitment to customer satisfaction;
  • We’re reachable, punctual, and efficient;
  • We offer reliable service with no hidden costs;
  • Our work is impeccable, and we clean up after ourselves;

At Tomson Plumbing, we take pride in our work, and transparency is important to us. We provide honest, up-front prices for all our services. Whether you ask us into your home to repair your water pressure regulator, to install a tankless water heater, or to repair your kitchen faucet, we’re committed to providing you with
exceptional service and living up to our reputation as some of the best plumbers in San Diego.


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